Zero Patatero is opening in the Born, putting the 0 Km food concept into practice in a unique, easy-going, accessible way, alongside natural and organic wines.
Its local-product-based philosophy places importance on extreme-season vegetables, without turning its back on organic meats and sustainable fish.

Chef's choice:
Roasted onions “tarte tatin” with a sheep cheese ice cream and sherry wine
Passatge Mercantil, 1
08003 Barcelona
938 55 23 04

La Barcelona del 1700

In 1994, below the building of the Mercat del Born, the intact remains of the Barcelona of the 1700s were found. These date back to 1716, just before the destruction of a large part of la Ribera neighbourhood in order to build la Ciutadella fortress. It is one of the best preserved archaeological sites of the Modern Age in Europe, and it can also be visited. To enter the current Market and visit its remains, feels like travelling through the history of the old economic center of the city. El Born’s archaeological site offers an accurate picture of daily life in the Barcelona of the early 18th century, as you stroll through the streets of the city that resisted the siege by Philip V’s troops between 1713 and 1714, until it surrendered after the final attack in September 11th.